A Co-Production: Ark’s Hadeda Ibis Photos–My Ibis Poem

hadedas Ark4


Yesterday Ark at A Tale Untold posted a striking sundowner photo of  Hadeda ibis over Johannesburg. You can see it at the link. And I told him I missed their mournful call heard at dawn and dusk over our Nairobi garden. He said he was sure I still had it in my memory. And I said yes, I’d written an ode commemorating same. He suggested I post it, and then generously said if I needed photos to borrow his. So here we are: photos by Ark, words by Tish:


Ibis [Hagedashia hagedash]

At dusk, at dawn

the flatlands waul

of roving Hadedas;

tawny fowl

that shy by day

on tropic lawns,

probe skinflint soils

with sickle bills

that wink out grubs.

You think:

dull, shifty types.

But then –

a sift of light –

dun coverts cast

for glancing green.

It’s hkaa-a hkaa –

Hadedas take flight.

Ibis [Hagedashia hagedash] Copyright 2018 Tish Farrell


Hadeda Ark2

hadeda Ark3

27 thoughts on “A Co-Production: Ark’s Hadeda Ibis Photos–My Ibis Poem

  1. Ahh – Another thing you miss about Africa
    “probe skinflint soils
    with sickle bills”
    very vivid and how the dull birds turn suddenly metallic in the light
    p.s. in the top pic one can almost see a tiger watching gigantic Hadedas

      1. Well, it’s 10:45 down here and I’ve been up since 6:30.
        We have no water – one of the nearby reservoirs is undergoing some sort of repair.
        We were notified repairs would be undertaken last month but apparently there was an issues with the engineers.
        So they must have decided to get cracking today and therefore much of the surrounding area is without municipal water. As we have a borehole we have been doing the neighbourly thing where needed.

        I may not be able to walk on water but <i can assist with buckets!

        For now, I can relax and have a coffee and some late breakfast.

      2. Am sure you could, if you put your mind to it.
        Lucky neighbours, though, to have the Ark establishment on hand with such a vital resource. And yes, I’m being late to function today. Think head is hatching a germ.

  2. This is beautiful Tish. The noisy crows here remind me of the Hadedas calls, Not so pretty though. A great pairing you and Ark, the reference to ArkTish and Ark-ives made me smile 🙂

  3. Ark-ives!!! 🙂 🙂 What a beautiful bird! Hope you’re not coming down with the lergy, Tish. It’s so changeable right now. Hot toddy and early night, with a good book.

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