Seeing Pink In The Peloponnese

The first morning in Greece the sun was so astoundingly bright I panicked. Why had I not brought better sunglasses? How would I get around if I couldn’t see for the dazzle? It took me a while to realize that the effect was caused by the glassy stillness of the Messenian Gulf. It did not last. Nor did that morning’s terrific heat.

We Farrells have a habit of taking our holidays just as summer is ending, and our trip to the southern Peloponnese was no exception. On that morning, the last of high summer departed. By noon a storm had rolled in, cascades of rain pouring down our cottage pantiles. When the rain cleared three hours later, it was a different climate. The sky was grey. I could see where I was going, and I was no longer melting.

Of course we had some sunshine in that last week of September, and the temperature was perfect for exploring Koroni and Pylos. But the season was pretty much over; the beach empty of locals who thought it too cold to be there; fish soup off the menu at the taverna due to lack of mass demand. But if the season was done, there was still much magic – the softer shades of Taygetos Mountain pink at sunrise and sunset. And each day, looking over the Gulf at the wild fortress lands of the Mani, I thought I probably was in heaven.



copyright 2018 Tish Farrell

In the Pink #12


41 thoughts on “Seeing Pink In The Peloponnese

      1. I have a dedicated notebook of sayings for when I run out of things to say.
        I found this one on page 22 under the heading:
        Things to say to Tish when you run out of things to say.


      1. Can’t “stick”? Stand? If the latter, I concur. Airports are increasingly unpleasant to me. But… with family and friends scattered all over… we have to make do. Cheers.

      2. Interesting isn’t it? People like you and I who’ve done their fair share of traveling can’t really stand the new airport/airline system…
        (One exception: Changi airport in Singapore. Very recommendable!)

      3. I can also recommend Windhoek and Kalamata. Birmingham, Manchester and Toronto stink – from the security staff point of view.
        We were also talking about the world gone mad – have since discovered a major source, if not the key source of the problem – offshore tax havens – ‘Treasure Islands’ by Nicholas Shaxson – makes me ashamed to be a Brit.

      4. B’ham and Manchester? We are going back to the Middle Age…
        And as for havens… Few know that the Cayman islands still belong to the Crown, if I’m not mistaken. Maybe that is why Theresa May(be) is slowly pushing for a no-deal Brexit. The entire UK would become a tax haven? 😦
        Have a lovely week-end regardless, Memsahib.

      5. Yes, there’s much people don’t know about the Cayman Islands and the City of London, and islands which we think are independent now, but aren’t in reality. A happy weekend to you too, Brian.

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