Drum Roll Please For Allium Sphaerocephalon


That’s quite a tongue-twisting name for a plant that is basically an overgrown chive. Of course it only means sphere-headed, and this is the first year I have had these late flowering (AKA drumstick) alliums in my garden. July to August is their time. And they have come into bloom just when the June flowers are over, and the July cohort are still struggling with the heat. I love them. They start off as green globes that gradually turn purple-pink from the tip downwards – just as if they have been dipped in a paint pot. Full-out, they remind me of the raspberry ice lollies of my childhood. They are not fussy about soil type, or so I’ve read, though they like reasonable drainage. And they self-seed, which I’m very excited about. Looking forward then to next year’s garden full of giant chives.




37 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please For Allium Sphaerocephalon

  1. Gorgeous, Tish! Aren’t they just magnificent! Earlier this year our gardener advised us to get Allium Sphaerocephalon for several spots in the garden and they are amongst our favourites now. They really stand out, gracefully. 🙂

      1. Serious garden envy happening here. It’s so misty here today, I can’t even see mine (not that it’s anything to write home about at the moment) 😀

  2. Everyone seems very impressed with them. I have to ask whether they are better than simply growing plain chives? I planted larger alliums a couple of years ago, but out of 20 bulbs I think only 4 have actually grown. Not tried these little beauties, but I do have some weird flowering chives (and some garlic chives, but I think they have been obliterated by the borage – not seen them flower yet anyhow). Must admit this variety are a lovely colour and I might be tempted…

    1. They grow quite tall, even when confined to pots. The ones in beds are heading towards a metre, so they give an accent to whatever they are planted with. Take a look at Sarah Raven’s catalogue on line. Also the bees just love them.

      1. I have about a million things ‘ticked’ on SR’s catalogue. She seduces me all the time! So many beautiful flowers and so little space.

      2. I know. I almost said don’t look too hard. Her catalogue is so beautiful – design and content. And she has such a knack of putting things together so you always want more than you started off wanting.

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