Miniscule On Monday ~ Interesting The Things You Find Under The Cosmos


Can you see it? This slightly fuzzy macro shot has made a monster of the tiny little crab spider that is busy trying to hide from me. I should say that in real life it was less then one eighth of an inch (2mm) from top to toes. Even so, and you can’t see it very well from this angle, its abdomen had taken on the camouflage colours of the pinky-purple cosmos.

There’s just so much going on in the natural world around us, and most of it we miss entirely.

29 thoughts on “Miniscule On Monday ~ Interesting The Things You Find Under The Cosmos

      1. “Just one portion, calling on the World Health Organization to provide support to member states seeking to halt ‘inappropriate promotion of foods for infants and young children,’ was removed.”
        So it’s going to be very difficult for people to try to excuse this one.

      2. That truly is appalling, and terrifying. And of course it would be the global poor disproportionately affected by such weakening of the recommendations. Equally terrifying was how every spokesperson “declined to give his/her name.” 🙁

  1. Nice! Well spotted Mrs.Holmes.
    It’s too darn cold for them to be gallivanting out here, though I did see a really tiny one curled up in some lavender the pother day.
    Roll on summer!

  2. Interesting that you find crab spiders, I have never seen one, but I did get the macro lens out a couple of days ago to photograph, yes, a spider! He will feature this week and is another one I hadn’t seen before. You are quite right, macros do show you an entirely different world.

  3. Thank goodness for vision enhancers like magnifying glasses and close-ups. I well remember my first sprawl with my magnifying glass peering into my first native orchid, a greenhood as it turned out. And the pollen spurting from a schelhammera captured with my trusty flower camera. But thank goodness too for the alert eye and skill of the photographer – that’s you!!!

    1. Too kind, Meg. It was a bit of a one-handed effort in this case, and the little critter was intent on disappearing. But you are so right about peering into flowers with a bit of magnification – the structures are extraordinary – each a whole other universe in fact.

  4. It seems to me that anyone in his right mind who actually thought about it would realize that it’s better to breastfeed a baby than any alternative. Politics, in contrast, is a voluntary sport, and sometimes it’s best to avoid some controversies. Saw those crab legs Tish. Thanks for the opportunity.

    1. Yes, you truly would think that all mothers would tend to know that breast feeding is best, but it isn’t the case. It is a particular problem in the developing world where most women have to keep working – twelve hour shifts in some cases and no maternity leave. I have a doctor friend whose whole career is dedicated to encouraging mothers across Africa to breast feed. You wouldn’t believe how hard it can be even when they want to. Lots of pressure from corporate makers of baby foods. Also there’s still the acquired belief that it’s uncivilised, and bottles are better. Sometimes one thinks the world has gone quite dotty.

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