Portraits Anonymous ~ On Winter Beaches

Explore the use of anonymity to express both that which is common to all of us and the uniqueness that stands out even when the most obvious parts of us are hidden.




Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge


42 thoughts on “Portraits Anonymous ~ On Winter Beaches

  1. These are intriguing. I particularly like the third shadow in the first photo. Also the women’s clothes have a timeless quality – particularly the one on the left – she looks rather Edwardian.

      1. Ah – so that explains the Edwardian look. I love steampunk. How wonderful your neice is creating an identity through it.

  2. You’ve managed to capture different moods and different textures and different light in each shot. I love them! My favourite is The Father & Son, having such together time, with the tumultuous sea in the background; precious moments to be cherished regardless of what storms may rage around us!

      1. Well,maybe it’s the season.Once March arrives energy builds up.That is when I suddenly polish the bureau!I’ve just dusted the gramophone.I can see a record under the lid.Dory Previn! You are very good at photography.Do they ever give you ideas for writing? I hope you enjoy the weekend despite the so called Arctic weather.It feels different even though I stopped paid work a long time ago.I went mooching round the Market and sat in Waterstones looking at a book about Camilla PB.Not my usual reading but the photos were interesting.I love to look at faces.

      2. My camera mind and my writing mind are usually in separate places, but then my writing mind is already over-stuffed with ideas and half-baked things, so I try not to find any more ‘inspiration’. Wishing you a good rest of weekend. I smiled at your finding Dory Previn under the gramophone lid. Nice that you still have a gramophone.

      3. It really is my pleasure.I have been going through my albums and throwing away a lot of photos which is sad but nobody will want them.But it gave me some lovely reminders of my husband when he could still walk about and drive.Even now after more than two years it’s hard to get it, that they have gone.I have managed to keep writing and it occupies me especially when I am in pain or sad.I pretend it’s a job.Katherine

      4. Thanks very much,Tish.I have learned a lot and am not afraid of talking to people near me who are bereaved or who have cancer.I can just exchange a glance with someone and I know how they feel and vice versa.My sister’s been ill and today after 5 months she’s feeling an improvement [ helped by me sending her some new earrings.Jewellery can help one’s moods. certainly it does for her.There’ll be no blue amber left soon!]

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