Looking Back At Wenlock’s Snow Paths In Black & White

It’s snowing again today, but hopefully without conviction: just enough to dust the field behind the house, and coat the roofs of the garden sheds. Otherwise, despite the winteryness, there are more signs of spring everywhere – winter pansies in full fettle in Wenlock gardens, allium leaves pushing up through the soil, buds on the flowering currant, more hellebores emerging, snowdrops and catkins in the hedgerows.

The December snow days were very beautiful, but best remembered now in photos. Some of the following shots were taken in monochrome, and some I’ve converted. The header is a conversion, and it’s only in this format that you can see that the sun is melting the snow from the branches in a mini snowstorm. It isn’t dust on the lens. The photos were taken in and around the Linden Field and I’m posting them in response to Cee’s Thursday black and white challenge: out doors – walks and roads. Follow the link below to join in.

P1030785 b

P1030786 b




Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – walks and roads

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34 thoughts on “Looking Back At Wenlock’s Snow Paths In Black & White

  1. As much as I hate to admit it there is something sad about the melting snow. Of course we here don’t get the “feet” of snow usually that some do but still it is a reminder that nothing last.

  2. They work very well in monochrome, especially the couple walking the dog and your capture of the melting snow. We had a brief dusting this morning, first snow I have seen down here in Cornwall. It was gone within a couple of hours though, the wet stuff that doesn’t really settle. No lovely photos like yours!

  3. What a winter for you to remember Tish, “best remembered in photos.” Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing. Bill

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