Vintage View ~ My Man At Great Zimbabwe


For more about the history of this ancient African city see my earlier post Abandoned: Great Zimbabwe

This Sunday over at Travel With Intent Debbie’s one word is ‘views’

35 thoughts on “Vintage View ~ My Man At Great Zimbabwe

  1. Thanks! We finally get to meet your man, and the view of Great Zimbabwe is amazing! Yes… to add to the other commenter, it does look like a painting.

    1. There is nowhere quite like it, is there. And when we went there was hardly a soul about; only in the Shona village where the craft demonstrators were busy practising their trades irrespective of visitors turning up.

  2. G doesn’t look that vintage, Tish. And I hope you won’t be offended if I say that compared to his rather excellent shed, I don’t think much of his brickwork in this shot.
    Weather looks okay, though.

    1. Once been, forever missed! Thanks, Debbie. I’m trying not envy you your recent trip. Graham lived in Tanzania for 2 years doing VSO and tracking down crop pests – based in Tabora.

      1. And you’ve captured it – all too often when I come across stupendous views I fail to capture their magnificence. But you have here 🙂

      2. Thanks very much. But I think it was down to the camera. I had a little Olympus trip in those day, and when I hadn’t got it on the wrong settings, and it only had about three to choose from, it was ace on views.

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