Peroulia Dreaming 8 ~ Greece Out Of Sync


We’d tried to overlook the fact that rain and storm had been forecast during our seven-day trip to the Peloponnese. But here it came, quite dissolving the Mani peninsula, stilling the waters of the Gulf, giving them an ominously bruised look.

But then the drama of light and mood more than made up for the downpour, and once we had learned that the rain was responsible for boosting the oil content of the olives, and that the locals were pinning their hopes on a good harvest come November, it seemed churlish to feel resentful. Besides, Kalamata olive oil is some of the best there is. More power to its production and all who grow it is all I can say.



P.S. I was sure I had posted this on Monday for Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Storm thus preceding Peroulia Dreaming #9 with the brolly.

But this morning I found I hadn’t. So here it is (with apologies for a few extra words) for Debbie’s Six Word Saturday



25 thoughts on “Peroulia Dreaming 8 ~ Greece Out Of Sync

  1. Kalamata olives are the best too! I got stuck on an island in Greece, many, many years ago because of a storm. The weekly ferry didn’t arrive so we were stranded for another week. Once the storm had passed though it wasn’t too much of a hardship 😉

  2. Love Kalamata olives! And I say better Greece out of sync than grease out of sink. 🙂 What DOES get into me some days? Not quite sure, but I do love word play. You really do have to hope for what’s best for farmers, least we all be eating not quite so well. Cheers!


  3. Great post Tish. My camera makes me appreciate the bad weather more – stunning skies, reflections, etc. But your comments on olive oil and the rest make some appreciate it even more.
    Have a good Saturday!

  4. both photos evoke such different moods related to the storm – and has left such a nice vibe… thinking of high quality olive oil right now… 😉

  5. Nearly every where in the world seems to be having storms and rain. We are too with more forecast for next week. That is one very ominous cloud, seems to be leering at you through the window

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