Look Out For The Giant Sunflower!


Out of the blue it came, a sunflower the size of a small tree, and towering over my bed of dwarf French beans. I think I must have a mouse or bird to thank for dropping a seed from someone else’s plot in my compost heap, whence it was transported to the bean bed early in the summer. I have certainly never grown a monster like it. Anyway, its suddenly overbearing presence hasn’t deterred the beans – a variety called Ferrari which have been more than living up to their name.

I’ve read conflicting reports as the companionability of sunflowers and beans, some sources saying that climbing beans will grow up a natural trellis of sunflowers, others saying that bush beans and sunflowers both should, and should not be grown together. Ah well. All I can say is beans and sunflower are doing well, the beans still producing even as autumn approaches, and despite some chomping by slugs. But it goes to show, anything can happen out on the plot.


34 thoughts on “Look Out For The Giant Sunflower!

    1. It does look a bit grumpy. The wind gave it a bit of a buffeting. As to the seeds, I shall probably let the birds eat them. Or maybe I should save a few and go in for some guerrilla gardening along the field path between allotment and home. Now there’s a happy thought.

  1. We have a few plants that have sprouted hich we have scratched out heads and wondered: And where did that come from!

    We used to have a few Sunflowers but they disappeared much the same as they arrived: ’tis a mystery, I tell you.

  2. I have never successfully grown a sunflower. I think the key word there is “sun” of which we do not have nearly enough. But I quite admire them. They are like the skyscrapers of the flower world. They make a STATEMENT. With or without beans.

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