30 thoughts on “Still Life Up At The Allotment

  1. As autumn arrives in your neck of the woods spring is in full swing down here. The fruit trees in the garden are bursting with blossom!
    Temperatures have been pushing the 30s too ….. and still no rain. 😦

    Love your little collage! Or maybe even a pastiche?

  2. Must be nearly time for Harvest Festival, Tish 🙂 🙂 The birds are positively sated with apples in our garden, but I’ve noticed the Red Admirals can’t seem to get enough. How goes the family history?

    1. Have filed the FH for now. Phew! It doesn’t have waste a lot of time. But yes, apples galore, and early too, and the red admirals having a second flush and staying late. Happy weekend to you, Jo.

      1. They certainly come out in force then. But the prowl is usually more about taking photos. I like snapping away in fairly poor light. A bit perverse I know 🙂

  3. I miss finding apples on the ground.My trees never did to well but on occasion there would be one or two.
    Andrew W. is one of my favorite artist. Oh to be able to paint like he did. Just a dream

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