Presents Up At The Allotment


Yesterday’s post about goings on in and around the allotment and the fact our planet is now totally polluted by Roundup was a drearily disturbing topic. Today the allotment came up with floral fireworks, and a jug full of asters. Presents!

At lunchtime as I was on the plot, watering my peas and beetroot, fellow allotmenteer Siegfried came by. He was pushing a wheelbarrow full of produce – courgettes, runner beans, and a ton of red currants. I said he looked like a mobile vegetable stall. He told me it was destined for tomorrow’s Country Market – the Thursday morning local produce stall under Much Wenlock’s Corn Exchange.

Then he said would I please do him a favour, and go to his plot and pick as many asters as I wanted  He said he had already picked masses for the market, but was afraid the rest would go to waste. He told me not to forget.

A little later I saw him go by my polytunnel. His arms  were filled with sheaves of asters. What a wonderful sight – Siegfried in bloom, and I didn’t have my camera. And so on my way home I stopped for a greedy harvesting in the aster plot. And now I’m passing on Siegfried’s gift. All of which is to say, you meet some nice folk up at the allotment.

31 thoughts on “Presents Up At The Allotment

  1. Beautiful. I have a friend who sells zinnias by the truck load at the Jackson Farmers Market . Or he did. I haven’t been there in several years. When we had eggs we took them there for him to add to his stall of goodies. Farmer markets are popping up more now but not to much around here.I guess to many have their own gardens.

  2. What a lovely man! I forgot to say that our meanderings homeward took us through your village and I waved frantically at every single cottage because I wasn’t sure which was yours. 🙂 🙂

  3. What a wonderful bounty! I don’t have any cutting flowers at all now. I may get some mums next month, but I’m not sure what survived the winter and the many “rain events” this spring. Pictures?

  4. a star post! allotmenteers are a close family with all their kindnesses and sibling rivalries. Siegfried in bloom is the first line of a poem surely –

    1. Oh Siegfried’s a real whizz at getting stuff going long before anyone else. So much better, though, than a courgette mountain – a hill of asters! I must go and take a photo if the rain hasn’t done for them.

  5. Gorgeous stunning colours 🙂 I love flowers but sadly I’m not green fingered so I stick to appreciating the gardens and produce of those who are 🙂

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