From My Window ~ Black & White Sunday


According to the old tithe maps the field behind our house was known as Townsend Meadow, and for obvious reasons: it lies on the north end of town directly below Wenlock Edge. For nearly a year now Shropshire Council has been building a large attenuation pond just over the brow of this hill. The objective is to reduce the effect of flash flooding, holding back storm water that runs off surrounding hills, turns all the roads and brooks into rivers which then converge in the centre of Much Wenlock.

In July 2007, over fifty houses in the town were badly flooded. Ours was fortunate not to be one of them; although our house is built into the foot of this hill, the main burden of run off flows around rather than through our property.

The fence in this photo was the first thing to go up before work on the pond began. The tree that appears to be in the corner is a piece of ‘borrowed  landscape’ and is actually some distance away in the field hedgerow. And the rooks were just passing.

Before the fence went  up I did not particularly notice the tree, but now I like the way this visual convergence gives an accent to what before was a rather featureless wheat field.

It was even more exciting when the big digger moved in.

P1070549 - Copy (2)

copyright 2017 Tish Farrell


Black & White Sunday  This week Paula’s challenge is STRUCTURE

33 thoughts on “From My Window ~ Black & White Sunday

  1. loved the drama in both shots with that high contrast – something of the Ted Huges poem here
    “[Crow] opened his mouth but what came out was charred black.

    “Up there,” he managed,
    “Where white is black and black is white, I won.” “

    1. That’s a gift of an association, Laura. Thank you. Also Ted Hughes is just right for how both these images were registering with me when I took the photos. Skeletal was part of the underpinning in my mind for both, if in slightly different moods.

      1. Oh, right, yes, I remember those… You did have me wondering for a moment if you were going to say you had the iconic OM1….I nearly got one of those in the 80s, but got a secondhand Canon FT….heavy old workhorse!

  2. I have read that one should always include black and white in their photos as color doesn’t last. Of course I don’t know much about taking photos …I only have a Coolpix. But I do know my wedding pictures have faded out pretty bad….maybe from age? lol

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