Windswept On Llanddwyn Island


I’ve chosen a very literal interpretation of Paula’s theme at Black & White Sunday. First of all I thought you could not get any ‘lower-lying’ than at sea level, at least not without immersion in said sea. And then I thought of Marram grass being laid low in the gale, and how I was attracted by its bowing texture.



And then I thought of the sand beneath our feet:



These photos were taken last Christmas on a beach walk to Llanddwyn Island on Anglesey, North Wales. You can see more about the island HERE.


Black & White Sunday: low-lying

19 thoughts on “Windswept On Llanddwyn Island

      1. You captured it well – as well as the decay. It crossed my mind that the cars looked like giant pods waiting to burst into some interesting plant forms (yikes!)

  1. I love how you captured the movement of the grass, Tish, with so much pronounced detail. It is soothing to look at this refreshing scene. Thank you 🙂 Beautiful low-angle!

    1. I think we humans have some atavistic memory that relates to grass – when we were hunters out on the savannah. It seems to evoke an emotional response…(passing thought).

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