After The Rain It’s Party Time!


You simply can’t beat tulips for exuberance. They are presently bursting from pots and beds in my back garden – the result of a couple of cheap packs of bulbs from  my local  market stall bought back in the autumn.

I like the tulips that most resemble the wild forms – lily like, low-ish growing, and with several flower heads per bulb. These are one of the praestans varieties – possibly Bloemenlust. I threw the pack label away before pressing enter on the memory save button. Anyway, they are beautiful, whoever they are. And I especially love the way they throw their petals wide to catch the sun.


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20 thoughts on “After The Rain It’s Party Time!

  1. I went a little crazy in the autumn and bought loads of tulips because I hadn’t had any for two years. Finally got them in pots in late December and amazed they are flowering already! I went for a mix of copper, bronze and orange with deep red and burgundy and some paler ones for the front of the house. I did buy some tiny yellow ones for under the tree which are supposed to spread. They are all wide open at the moment in the sunshine, but close up tight at night. I like your red ones, they certainly brighten up the garden.

  2. We’re still under about half a foot of snow, waiting on a thaw. Scattered snow again (ie still) this morning, but some “heat” (ie around 40 F) promised for early next week.

  3. These are lovely. I didn’t know that some kinds of tulips opened like that. I would have assumed they were a different kind of flower 🙂

  4. What splendour, colour and shape. That blazing red certainly makes a statement. The abundance of tulips is one thing I miss about Warsaw. Here they are frugal with their delights.

  5. We forgot to plant tulips last autumn and so our garden wasn’t partying very much when we returned last week. Really must remember this autumn, otherwise you’ll find me on your doorstep with Jo and the red wine!

    1. Oh that’s sad. It’s hard to remember to forward plan with bulbs. Next year then. Or if not, over to ours for some red wine. We’re flexible 🙂

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