Look At Me!


We’ve just spent four perfectly sunny days in Bodnant, in the Conwy Valley, North Wales. And anyone who knows Wales, and its propensity for precipitation, will know we were truly blessed. In March too. We even had breakfast outside. Ye gods!

We were staying in a cottage on the Bodnant Estate, which meant an essential visit to the wonderful Bodnant Gardens, owned and managed with much grace by the National Trust.

These tulips were the first things we saw as we stepped into the formal gardens. What show-offs.

There will be more Bodnant photos over the next few days. Here’s a taster, with a view of the Welsh mountains. There was a scattering of snow on the highest peaks, despite the sunshine.


Cee’s Flower of the Day  Please pop over to Cee’s for more tulip jubilation.

27 thoughts on “Look At Me!

  1. WOW Tish!!! I am truly grateful for all the photography friends and writers that I have made all over the world, as I get to visit all the beautiful places in the world, that I know I will never get to see personally, through their eyes! Thank you Tish for all the wonderful posts and pictures you make. Your photography is both breath taking and captivating.
    This rainy dreary albeit warm Virginia morning I got to visit a beautiful English/Welsh Garden (on a beautiful sunny day) 🙂 I always look forward to each of your posts, whatever the topic is that day!

  2. Ah,so as you asked last week to send some sun … glad to see it seems to have arrived on time!
    Lovely shots. I am presuming you took more photos and we will have a grander tour avec le history sometime in the future?

  3. That red is remarkable Tish – reminds me of a line from Garrison Keillor: “If a woman with bright red lipstick appeared, a person would fall over backward”. The tulips could do the same.

    1. Aren’t they amazing, and totally unenhanced editing wise. Garrison Keillor is a whizz, isn’t he. A spaniel I once had ate Lake Wobegon Days. Somehow I think he would laugh at this.

  4. Bodnant is fabalus (!!) I kept wishing we had returned there, but only managed the one visit. Their roses are divine. Is it me or are our spring flowers blooming early this year? Already my crocuses and daffodils are past it, the tulips are beginning to open and the hyacinths are fading. I always associated March/April with daffodils and late April/May with tulips. At this rate all my spring blooms will have disappeared when spring has hardly begun!

    1. I’m sure you’re right. Spring is earlier, though of course you benefit from a Cornish spring too. There were cowslips going full throttle on the A55 verges cross North Wales. And some of the rhododendrons were well over at Bodnant, daffodils on the turn too. Definitely worth serial visits there.

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