Black and White Sunday: Darkness and Light


It’s back to Llanddwyn Island on Anglesey for my response to this week’s prompt from Paula. Darkness and light – the stuff of fiction writing, but also the source of many diversions from the work-in-progress to play with my camera’s monochrome setting. The hazy uplands in the background are the mountains of mainland Wales. The island in question is in reality a long thin promontory  heading out to sea from Newborough Beach, and has, since Dark Ages times, been associated with St Dwynwen, Welsh patron saint of lovers. You can read more  HERE and HERE.

And now for a more abstract rendition of darkness and light: an early morning view across Menai Strait, taken from the fields above Beaumaris. Here on Anglesey, the sun in winter regularly puts on these mystical lightshows – shining searchlights through banks of low cloud on to the water. This particular shot was taken with quite a lot of zoom and then cropped.



36 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday: Darkness and Light

  1. Great shots that show us this dramatic contrast of shades and lights, that I’m particularly fond of.
    I think you really overcame this challenge 😉

  2. I am a fan of the rugged coastlines and big skies you have in your neck of the woods. I seek the same things here – they put things in perspective for me. Nice work, Tish, gracias por compartir.

  3. I wish this media can transmit the sounds I make when I open your offerings :D. Today it was something like: OOOOOOOOO ……. and it continued with WOOOOW. Thank you. I am glad when I can oblige theme-wise. I can go in peace now after such a beautiful offering.

  4. I like them both – the first one has so many different sections and so had me looking around more and more
    and the second one is like this rush of light with almost a supernatural vibe (to me at least)

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