All Things Must Change ~ Frosted Lily


Only on December 11th did I cut down the last of these lovely shell-pink lilies. They have been putting on a good show since September, the flowers opening day after day, and new buds forming. This is pretty impressive for a plant that is native to southern Africa where its red version goes by the name of Crimson River Lily.

Schizostylis coccinea was its botanical name, but it has now been reclassified as Hesperantha coccinea.  Go to this link if you want more information on how to grow it. I have found it a most obliging plant, requiring little attention, though I gather it likes to be moved around the garden every few years. It comes in a range of coral and pink shades, and makes very pleasing clumps that can be easily divided in spring.

Here’s how it will look next September. Doesn’t it make you smile?



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21 thoughts on “All Things Must Change ~ Frosted Lily

  1. I have planted some of these this autumn, the deep pink ones. Hope they are as good as yours! I do love a flower that keeps on giving, I still have a penstemon in flower, and two SA plants – arctosis and osteospermum!

    1. Good on your Cornish garden to keep on blooming. I had a salvia in flower until last week. Through 4 lots of frosts it flowered. Then finally flopped. Today I noticed cow parsley leaves all lush and green pushing up through the autumn leaves. Now that is strange.

  2. We’ve got lilies coming up all over the place. Haven’t a clue what they are all called, but they are pretty.
    Haven’t any this colour, though.
    Sun’s out! Rained a lot last night, but it’s nice and warm today. 21.

  3. Beautiful images, Tish. There are so many beautiful lilies available today. This for me is not a happy period of the gardening year. Any of the plants that dared to bloom so late pay a heavy price and I don’t really like seeing them iced over, as mine are right now. Still, even with the storms approaching, I could not bring myself to prune away the blossoms while they were looking so beautiful. ((Sigh))

    1. I have mixed feelings about ‘tidying’ the garden for winter. It shows too. I’ve only ‘tidied’ the most bedraggled bits, so it’s now neither one thing nor another. Frosty dead stems can look quite picturesque – she says hopefully 🙂

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