November Poppy’s Last Hurrah…


…at least till next year.


I posted the first photo of this oriental poppy last Thursday during a spell of unexpected sunshine, but I’m afraid the weekend’s rainstorms cut her off at the roots. Ah well. She was lovely while she lasted – so bravely out of time and season.

But writing this has just reminded me of what the lovely woman who sold her to me said.

If you cut your oriental poppies down to the ground after they have finished flowering in early summer, you will have a second late blooming.

Somehow I don’t think she meant they would flower in November. But then who knows what to expect these days, the way the seasons are shifting.


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27 thoughts on “November Poppy’s Last Hurrah…

  1. HI Tish, I love poppies! The are absolutely beautiful, yesterday we had our 2nd hard frost, very unusual for November, usually here the first frosts are late Sept/early Oct. It finally claimed the lives of 12 beautifully blooming Geranium, there I believe Pelargoniums (sp?) now all replaced with a mix of Violas and medium sized orange pansies! 🙂

  2. What a lovely, delicate color it is now, Tish! We had some poppies at our former house, the bright orange ones. I do love poppies. Perhaps I’ll have to introduce some here next spring. 🙂


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