Return To Windmill Hill: Black & White Sunday


This week at Black & White Sunday Paula says choose our own topic. So here is one of my favourite subjects, and one that I realize has been totally neglected for ages and ages. (Meg at Twelve Months in Warsaw  has pointed out – once or twice – that my penchant for snapping this particular local Wenlock landmark is somewhat akin to Monet’s repetitive haystack renditions). Ah well. Another OCD trait to admit to – along with obsessive compulsive compost-making. Also my other slight obsession is to use my camera’s monochrome setting in poor light conditions just to see what will happen. Here I was lucky to catch the last gasp of sunset before it slipped behind Wenlock Edge.

Black & White Sunday

26 thoughts on “Return To Windmill Hill: Black & White Sunday

  1. Meg has made a very good observation. I have also noticed your fondness for this particular view, and it is quite understandable. The composition is perfect, the structure is very photogenic and the light hits at the right place. I love your choice for black and white. Thank you, Tish. Honestly, if I were you, I would make it my recurrent subject too in all sorts of editing 🙂

  2. you did catch the light gasp….
    that was the first thing I noticed with the grass shadows and then of course the horizontals (sky, land, even in bricks) mixed with the verticals made the rays of shadows on the grass stand out.

    and I like the analogy of Monet’s haystacks – and reminds me of how themes find us – and they unfold as we do what we do. Sometimes we might intentionally find a theme and brand ourself, but the themes that unfold as we go are sometimes the most special and this seems to be an example of that.

  3. We all seem to have a penchant for revisiting a favourite place. I can’t resist the Palace of Culture and Science here: a very odd propensity. Although one of my desires is to humble it. Not so with your lovely windmill and hill, captured illuminated, and in yet another mood.

    1. Hello, Meg. It’s fascinating the places that draw us. Even over here I can sense in you that glint of determination – to humble the Palace of Culture and Science. I feel I want to join in!

  4. It is quite a structure, Tish, and one that is sure to catch a passerby’s eye. Being a skilled photographer, how could you not be drawn to it? Lovely capture.

  5. Hi Tish, love the shot….and I cannot see anything wrong with photographing a scene multiple times/ways. My passion is Corio Bay and it’s boats at anchor. A morning shoot never produces two identical shots. Go for it and enjoy. 😊😊

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