Thinking Pink Over Wenlock Edge: Thursday’s Special


All right. All right. Call it art theft if you like. I’ve captured one of the Wenlock Edge Sky Painter’s quirkier pieces and am passing it off as my own. But then who could resist stealing that rose petal cloud? We all of us need one now and then. So please, be my guest. Cast off in the blue. Drift and dream. Who knows where it will take you.


Thursday’s Special  This week Paula asks us to think pink. Please waft over there for more pink thoughts.

12 thoughts on “Thinking Pink Over Wenlock Edge: Thursday’s Special

      1. I read it with greta interest, and put it aside to savour before I respond – as I do with many of your posts. The weekend is a long one, so I’ll have time after a fairly frantic week.

  1. Beautiful! Living in the city, my view of the skies is somewhat limited. Even then, the sight of clouds tinged with pink at dusk always gives me pause.

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