Bears In Central Park: Who Knew?

Group of Bears by Paul Manship (1889-1966)

There was wall to wall sun when we visited New York in early June a few years ago. In fact it was so hot we spent most of our week there in Central Park trying not to melt. But the full-on sun certainly lit up these magnificent bronze bears. They are affectionately known as ‘The Three Bears’, and may be found at the Pat Hoffman Friedman Playground at Fifth Avenue and 79th Street. The work was gifted to the Park by Samuel N. Friedman in memory of his wife – a fine dedication all round.

You can find out more about  Paul Manship (1885–1966) at this link.


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20 thoughts on “Bears In Central Park: Who Knew?

  1. Love this Tish! A wonderful memory of childhood are trips to Central Park with my father. As you entered the Central Park Children’s zoo and looked above, a small circle of animals danced above. Wonder if they are still there….J checked and yes!

  2. I can commiserate with hot climate and travel, but if it hadn’t been so hot, you would have never (most probably) discovered this sculpture. Love your glistening capture!

    1. You are absolutely spot on, Paula. We loved the park , and it wasn’t too far to the Met either, which was another haunt. In fact we could have spent a week in there too, though it was a bit hard on the feet – all those marble tiled halls of wonder.

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