Thursday’s Special: Double Trouble?


I was in the formal garden of Erddig stately home, thinking of photographing the avenue of shapely yews when these two young men walked into the frame. They lingered, clearly wanting to be photographed in their costumes as 1900s serving lads. Then the kitchen maids arrived  to send them back to their duties, and they were gone. On the other hand I could have captured a time slip: a  pair of fleeting Edwardian ghosts?

Now here’s the yew avenue I was aiming to snap.



Thursday’s Special: Double


24 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Double Trouble?

      1. Don’t mention it my friend. These burgers want to finish the park. It’s sad.
        I am well Tish. The weather is good, a bit hot but manageable. How are things with you? Is it all wet and grey or there are blue skies?

  1. It certainly looks like they are up to some mischief’s, you could see it on their faces, right 🙂

    Beautiful images and a perfect title 🙂

    Thank you for sharing, Tish 🙂

      1. They look adorable, Tish. 🙂 I was so hoping for Erddig to be somewhere near Colchester to combine it with a trip to Beth Ghatto Gardens … I’ll put it on the list for next year then. Thanks for sharing, both of you.

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