Incy Wincy Wenlock Crab Spider For Ark: Macro Monday


The flower is a wild corn cockle, and in real life it’s around an inch across,  or two and a bit centimetres in alternative dimensions. The spider is utterly minute then, and the smallest I have spotted so far in the Farrell garden on Sheinton Street. In fact I only started noticing this species at all after Ark at A Tale Unfolds introduced me to the ones in his Johannesburg garden. Please check out his blog for more of his astonishing garden photos, though be warned – some of his close up arachnid shots might give spiderphobes a turn.

Also please visit Jude at her Macro Monday slot for more wonderful work. She’s featuring geraniums whose intricate beauty we perhaps do not appreciate enough.

Now here’s a less macro shot of the spider though it’s still larger than real life: hard to spot it beside the dewdrops:


19 thoughts on “Incy Wincy Wenlock Crab Spider For Ark: Macro Monday

  1. Not really frightened of but not wholely happy when they run towards me, Tish. But who could take exception to this little scrap? 🙂 Not me.

  2. Goodness it’s absolutely minute. I planned to take more macros and just went out to check a plant I want to photograph, yet again the wind’s playing games with me!

  3. I have been singing Itsy Bitsy Spider a great deal these days to our grand-baby. This photo will now be etched in my mind when I sing. Love it Tish!

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