Magnificent Magical Mawddach


We drove through one hundred miles of rain to reach it. From South Shropshire to the Welsh coast clouds piled on clouds and the rain dashed down the windscreen with only brief interludes of drizzle. Climbing and climbing the precipitous road through Dinas Mawddy, sky and mountains closed in, reminding us that we humans are rather puny ineffectual things, and that the motorized carapace that transports and shelters us may just  not be enough in a land like this. Even the sheep, inured to the place, stand hunched and motionless on the hillsides, backs to the downpour.

And then at last we’re here, on the banks of the Mawddach Estuary, just downstream of Penmaenpool, and the rain recedes,  leaving stillness and shadow, the slow curves of the river, Welsh Black cattle grazing the salt marsh, a buzzard calling, canoeists returning to base, and on the far horizon the knowledge of the sea, though unseen,  marked by a sudden flush of brightness out in the bay.


copyright 2016 Tish Farrell




31 thoughts on “Magnificent Magical Mawddach

    1. Yes, you have a point, Gilly. But it was raining at home too, so we thought – Go for it! And between the showers there were dramatic skies and even sunshine. It’s true there aren’t many indoor things to do if the weather’s bed. But we did go on the Talyllyn Railway and what fun that was. More to follow on that front.

  1. Oh wow, Tish! The magic, the beauty from the gifted able to capture nature’s charm and mood with words and images. Love this! Enjoy your stay😊

  2. Wonderful names, wonderful landscapes and it doesn’t always rain in Wales! But that may be the reason for such a unique green you find there. Your first image is superb. It’s not all about blue skies.

    1. You are so right. I said to G that though it would have been nice not to get wet quite so often in 3 days, the alternating rain and sunshine made for such dramatic landscapes and skies. There was so much going on out there! And yes, too. Everywhere so very green.

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