Negative Space In The Mall

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This week over at Paula’s Black & White Sunday, her guest Sue Judd gives us a fascinating insight into the use of negative space in our compositions. Please go and see what she has to say at: Black & White Sunday: Negative Space

Meanwhile, here are some more of my shopping mall photos. As I mentioned a few posts ago when I showed another version of the second shot, to me the mall is usually a very negative space. I’m also thinking that my metaphorical interpretation of the theme might be rather stronger than my photographic rendering of Sue’s guidelines, but I thought I’d share these rather weird compositions anyway: my study of consumer alienation.

41 thoughts on “Negative Space In The Mall

  1. Love these; especially the first shot. There is something so wonderfully dystopian about it. And I love that you captured these shots in malls which I always find over-lit. The negative space metaphor fits perfectly.

  2. What great photos and I love your metaphoric take. All in all a most enjoyable post that inspires me to think outside the box with these chsllenges.

      1. It is one of the best aspects of blogging. I am off to do my Cardinal Guzman response before February disappears – thanks to your inspiration. 🙂

  3. Disturbing and dystopian, but beautifully photographed. I go to malls so rarely I’m rather intrigued by them – a visit to a strange tribe. Not many on my lovely south coast, but Złoty Tarasy calls!!!

    1. Oh now I’d probably love a mall in another country – so much to gawp at. I was utterly fascinated in Dubai – husband taking all his head-to-toe veiled wives to the v. expensive cosmetics store to buy, well, make up (?), chaps in desert robes in the supermarket with their trolleys doing the weekly shop…

  4. Tish, I have to say that dystopian is the perfect word for the first two shots and I can see why it would be a bit disturbing/weird to come across these naked gents. My s-i-l works at a large store at a mall and although I’ve stopped in to see her many times when I arrive to visit, I’ve only been into the mall once in all these years until this visit. She wanted to do a bit of shopping, so we ventured in and then I had to return something, making me have to go back the. Although it’s a nice mall, so many stores are just the same as all other malls, there are lots of people (so noisy, etc.), and I realized once more that I don’t really like malls or shopping in them, unless there’s something I really need/want that can’t be found elsewhere.


  5. Great compositions, all three of them! As far as negative space is concerned, I think I like it best in the third one – it seems to have its own right (play ist own role) here.

  6. To my mind you have captured perfectly the isolation and loneliness of the Mall…..even beyond that, a sense of futility – Love the images and will definitely check out Sue’s words on ‘negative space’. Thank you and enjoy a lovely Monday and week ahead…janet:)

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