Portmeirion: Pastiche in pastel?


Cee’s challenge this week instantly conjured vivid childhood impressions – of Edinburgh Rock, those tartan packs of sugar sticks that delivered instant tooth decay in soft shades of lemon, apricot and rose; my long-lost, but once treasured set of Lakeland crayons whose red plastic wallet held so many delicious colours of mauve and blue, and Portmeirion, the Welsh cliff-top confection of architect Clough Williams-Ellis. All three come in colours that, even now, I long to bite into. Bizarre, I know. Anyway, I have already written about Portmeirion HERE. But now for some more soft-hued scenes of an Italianate village and its ever surprising setting on the rugged North Wales coast. It is a place that has fascinated me for fifty years. It is also the place where The Prisoner, the cult TV series of the late 1960s starring Patrick McGoohan, was filmed. Devotees still gather there. Curiouser and curiouser…(allusion to Alice in Wonderland fully intended).






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Cee’s fun foto challenge: soft pastels

23 thoughts on “Portmeirion: Pastiche in pastel?

  1. I loved Portmeiron when I visited. It was out of season, slightly run-down, and had that typical out of season nothing happening here aura about it. Yet, there was something about it that was beautiful. It sort of fits on the Côte d’Azur (ok wrong country but you get the idea) rather than North Wales. Fascinating place to wander around.

    1. Yes, Kate, it still has a run-down air even though it’s been ‘done up’ lately, all of which further adds to the sense of displacement. And yes, too, there is a strange beauty about the place, once you look beyond the touristy things. Clough Williams-Ellis had a good (and often playful) eye. Putting a turquoise portico onto an 18th century Welsh stone farm cottage has more than a little dash about it. Thanks v. much for the follow btw.

      1. I thought I’d followed you before but WP likes to unfollow for me 😦 especially Ark’s!

        Not sure about that turquoise portico though. I think the whole site is very well designed though.

      2. Yes, the unfollowing bug seems to crop up now and then, and in the oddest places. As to the turquoise portico thingy, I like the bravado in the transformation, given that the original house must have been a very stalwart and rather gloomy grey when Ellis acquired the site. Actually, it’s rather interesting, imagining Portmeirion in B & W.

  2. I always wanted to visit but never did. I was a huge fan of the Prisoner back n the day, and occasionally watch the odd YouTube video.
    If you go for walk on the beach does the big bubble still chase you?


    1. Only in the mind’s eye, Ark. Sorry to say. On the other hand, the sea does do an amazing thing there every now and then, and goes out so far you can barely see it. I think it could be possible that the big bubble only comes out at such times.

  3. I’m glad you featured this place. I’ve read about it before but haven’t seen many images. It must be quite strange wandering around feeling you are in Italy while being in Wales.

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