Climate change before my eyes? Sweet Peas on 28 October


Up at the allotment my teepee of sweet peas has been flowering since June. Twice I have thought they were over, and thought of pulling them up. But here they are (photographed yesterday) still budding and blooming, and it’s nearly November. The sky is pretty impressive too.


In fact there’s a lot going on on my plot. My cabbages and Brussels sprouts have grown another six inches in the last few days, and are fighting their way out of their protective enviromesh. The leeks are fat and juicy, and the courgettes are still (just) producing a few fruits. The new strawberry bed is finished, the asparagus mulched, and the over-wintering onions and field beans are in, and sprouting. And, most exciting – to me at least – I have created two huge new compost heaps. Next up, is leaf collection to make leaf mould. It’s a slow process, but worth doing for seed compost. This week on BBC Gardeners World, Monty Don, told me to gather every single leaf because they are so precious. So I shall.

Because if ever I heard a mega-tactic to avoid writing, then this is it. Sorry, can’t write the novel. Must pick up leaves – one at a time.

Actually, I have been writing, though not the novel. Two short stories completed in the last few weeks. In fact today it’s far too wet to go out leaf collecting. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll take a leaf from the sweet peas’ book, and go and grow the masterwork.

copyright 2015 Tish Farrell


27 thoughts on “Climate change before my eyes? Sweet Peas on 28 October

  1. Sweet Peas are some of my all time favourites….they remind me of childhood and being with my Grandmother. Also I love Monty Don and so whatever he says rings true to me…..and so Tish….some leave picking up and writing as well sounds like a wonderful plan…..and yes, most important of all – Climate change right in front of our eyes….and to think that there are still those who deny it! Enjoy a day of writing …Janet:)

  2. I have never had luck with growing sweet peas. My lavender decided on a third cycle this year. I have lone purple spikes glowing their purple independence while the maple swirls its castings against the garden’s last offerings.

  3. I was surprised to see sweet-peas flowering still in the walled garden at Croft last Sunday. And roses! Though I have seen roses in to December so that’s not all that unusual, but not the sweet-peas. And the mint I cut back in September has started to grow again… don’t fancy its chances though. Today you may well have made progress with the novel – good luck 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jude, I have made some progress – just a little. And I got two bags of leaves when it stopped raining. Just hope fellow residents did not spot me scrabbling around in the undergrowth 🙂

      1. Leaf mould is good, I used to make it in black bags when I had a garden – raking up all the leaves from the trees opposite me as the council never bothered. Took a couple of years, turning now and again, but lovely stuff in the end.

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