Pushing the boundaries: welcome to my new web design page

The following themes are now available at this address:


‘The Miss Haversham‘



‘Galadriel’s Garlands’









‘Web Apps ’



‘The Neuron’


When I looked out of my bedroom window this morning all was dull and dank. There was no view of the Edge, only fog on the field that in the past two days has been  harvested, harrowed and re-sown, and is anyway looking gloomily autumnal. But when I walked out into the garden I found every leaf and stem was glittering with dewy webs.  So much spinning and weaving in the night – a thousand spider-stiltskins run amok. And even if you don’t like spiders, you can still admire their fog-enhanced artwork. Well, can’t you?



69 thoughts on “Pushing the boundaries: welcome to my new web design page

  1. all wonderfully titled webs you wove with your camera Tish – specially like ‘Miss Havisham’

  2. What a creative post! Absolutely stunning and charming photos.
    But I have to ask: do you really live where you can see the edge of the land that you show in your header photo?

    1. Oh that would indeed be wonderful, Sandra. The edge in the header is indeed in the Shropshire Hills, but towards the Welsh border. The photo was taken at a remote Bronze Age henge called Mitchells Fold – a truly magical place.

  3. These details that make the season (as they all are) wondrous. Looking upon some vines climbing up my mom’s fachwerk house now, all gone red like a scarf thrown over the house, birds here and there, a witch’s shawl.

    1. Indeed, my garden was being very fabulous yesterday – in a mysterious kind of way – a cross between Sleepy Hollow and Alice in Looking Glass Land. To suddenly see just HOW MANY spiders there are in the garden 🙂

  4. I do love all these art works spun by your busy nocturnal spiders and your lovely creative captions to go with them. Really makes up for a dull, misty day…

      1. Now that is interesting, because it is Graham who actually knows about taking photos, and has a whizzy camera (new) that he rarely uses. Clearly I need to hijack it and learn how to use it. So far, finding the turnon switch has left me stumped.

  5. I know these webs to be beautiful, Tish, but, as an arachnophobic, the chill has yet to leave my spine. Thank heavens there were no 8-legged creatures shown. Yikes!

      1. Toads, snakes, mice, etc, no problems. Spiders, though, will scare me out of a room. Makes gardening both rewarding and terrifying at the same time. 🙂

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