Autumn in my garden


This little crab spider is for Ark at A Tale Unfolds. He regularly shares with us the fascinating wildlife in his Johannesburg garden. He’s rather keen on spiders. The one on my sedum (Misumena vatia)  is, if internet photos are anything to go by, capable of taking on a big, fat bumble bee. The bees here are being a tad regardless I feel, so keen are they to guzzle nectar.


In fact sedums are bee heaven at this time of year, so everyone who can, do grow them. There’s a huge range to choose from. The bees are doubtless stoking up energy for the winter ahead. I also forgot to mention that the crab spider can, in a limited way, change colour to match the flowers it is hunting on, though it usually frequents yellow and white ones.


In my September in my garden post I mentioned that the rose at the top of the steps, Teasing Georgia, had come into bud for a second flourish. At the time  the weather promised to be so dismal, I wondered if she’d get a chance to bloom without the flowers being rained off. Well, the sun came back and Georgia came out in all her golden flounces:


And here’s another tiny spider, identity unknown, sneaking in the echinacea (centre right):


And finally, a sun-dappled Japanese Anemone with a hover fly:


I’m linking to this Cee’s flower of the day

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30 thoughts on “Autumn in my garden

  1. So happy to hear your rose flowered again. I was pleased to get a second flush from my Gertrude Jekyll rose as I missed the first one. I totally agree with you re sedums. I seem to have lost mine though.

    1. Sedums do seem to come and go.The ones the bees are on were given some hen manure pellets earlier in the year. I don’t usually do this but I was feeding the rather weak looking hydrangea that grows near them. The sedums have been spectacular in consequence. So I shall take more care of them in future. And especially when I now find how much the bees like them so much.

  2. Stunning photography as usual, and all those bees on one flower. Send a few this way – although they wouldn’t be allowed in: I had to leave a gift of Polish honey behind to my deep regret. That rose is luminously beautiful and what a name – Teasing Georgia indeed. I wonder why. The crab spider obviously doesn’t do pink. Your autumn world is beautiful.

  3. I am very jealous of your Sedum. Mine looks good but does not attract bees so this will be their last autumn in my garden and I will replace them with ones that I hope will be as successful as yours. Amelia

      1. I was recommended to check out the RHS Sedum Trials and I have discovered that my sedum is of the Sedum “Herbstfreude” group and not the Spectabile group that attract insects. So if I get some of the Specabile group this autumn I might see some pollinators on them next summer.

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