Raindrops on Tulips…Whiskers on Kittens…What?



Thinking of spring to come, except I realise now that I forgot to plant any bulbs, so these memories of tulips past will have to serve. They were snapped at very close quarters in my garden last April, and with a Kodak Easy Share. The poor little camera has lost its zoom, but it’s quite good on macro. The same might be said of the photographer.


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

41 thoughts on “Raindrops on Tulips…Whiskers on Kittens…What?

    1. Good on macro! 🙂

      I am finding that my looks improve in direct proportion to my failing eyesight.
      I expect to find that one day when I stare/squint in the mirror to comb all three of my hairs that I shall be knocked out just how stunning I look. Or stunned .. 😉

  1. Beautiful tulips! Our garden has pretty much bitten it for good and all. I am unlikely to replant. I don’t have the spine to maintain it. I treasure all the photos I took over the years. They prove the weed patch was at one time, a real garden!

    1. Well, sometimes one just has to let the garden do its own gardening. Left to its own devices it can do some amazing things. It’s all a question of seeing ‘weeds’ in a new light. This is my excuse anyway.

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