Raindrops on Tulips…Whiskers on Kittens…What?



Thinking of spring to come, except I realise now that I forgot to plant any bulbs, so these memories of tulips past will have to serve. They were snapped at very close quarters in my garden last April, and with a Kodak Easy Share. The poor little camera has lost its zoom, but it’s quite good on macro. The same might be said of the photographer.


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41 thoughts on “Raindrops on Tulips…Whiskers on Kittens…What?

    1. Good on macro! 🙂

      I am finding that my looks improve in direct proportion to my failing eyesight.
      I expect to find that one day when I stare/squint in the mirror to comb all three of my hairs that I shall be knocked out just how stunning I look. Or stunned .. 😉

  1. Beautiful tulips! Our garden has pretty much bitten it for good and all. I am unlikely to replant. I don’t have the spine to maintain it. I treasure all the photos I took over the years. They prove the weed patch was at one time, a real garden!

    1. Well, sometimes one just has to let the garden do its own gardening. Left to its own devices it can do some amazing things. It’s all a question of seeing ‘weeds’ in a new light. This is my excuse anyway.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Tish. I, too, forgot to plant bulbs last Fall. I’m hoping that the daffs and crocus come back better than ever. Fingers crossed ….

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