21 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Heading for the Heart of the Sun

  1. ..is very much where I would like to be now 🙂 Perfectly vast – it gives ones a sense of “owning” the world. Stunning capture! Thank you, Tish 🙂

    1. Actually, to spoil the mood perhaps, there’s a bit of a story to this pic. We were staying on a small coral island – the whole thing was a resort. Every sunset a load of people would gather on the beach to photograph the sunset – waiting for just the moment. Oblivious to the waiting small crowd, or the effect he was having upon them, Graham duly set off into the sea, wading towards the sun and into their field of vision. I think the would be photographers were French so there were a few ‘merde’ expletives. I took my photo of G, and retreated.

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