The Man from Much Wenlock: Meet Ken Milner

It is a privilege to know Ken Milner, a gentle creative man with deep rooted sensibilities for the past in and around Much Wenlock. He is a treasure house of information on country lore, on the families who have lived for generations below Wenlock Edge, and on the novels of Shropshire writer Mary Webb which, incidentally, he only learned to read at the age of thirty five. He built the house you can see in the video, and he created this beautiful garden which brings joy to all who see it. Graham passes it twice a day, driving to and from work. It is a floral threshold between the town and Wenlock Edge.

Ken also paints, makes sculptures, and is a poet and storyteller. Here, though, is his living creation – his garden. The video content was created by Ken and Wenlock poet, Paul Francis, and the whole filmed by  Silva Productions, a Midlands production company. You are in for a treat.



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35 thoughts on “The Man from Much Wenlock: Meet Ken Milner

  1. Ah … brought a tear to my eye. Reminded me so much of my grandfather, Joe, and his garden; his gentle manner, the veggies, the colour of the soil, the greenhouse ( he had one similar and a potting shed). My grandparents lived in Royston, in Hertfordshire ( where I was born, incidentally).

    Lovely film and a smashing post,Tish.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Nicholas. Ken is such a joyous individual, and yes it is heartening to see someone so happy in his small domain. It is a path most of us might tread too, each in our own way.

  2. Have bookmarked to savour later when the mood is right for such marvellous meanderings – thank you for sharing this Tish – a real treat

    1. Glad you liked this. Mary Webb is rather a forgotten writer, something of a mystic. She lived in Much Wenlock as a teenager. She roots her stories in the rural communities of Shropshire; folklore and superstitions strand through the narratives. Virago republished some her novels a while ago – Gone to Earth being one. I did a post on this and the making of the Hollywood Film version ‘Jennifer Jones comes to Wenlock’.

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