27 thoughts on “Nice ~ painting the town red

  1. Haven’t been to Nice in years – feel a sudden longing looking at these gorgeous photos! Think I need to find something red to wear tomorrow too! Loving your work Tish…

  2. I like it when people go for strong colours on their facades. In Nairobi and most of Kenya, houses were either painted white or cream, now things are changing and people are becoming brave and I so like it.

  3. Morning, you!
    Changed your theme, I see?.
    Much easier to read the comments, ( good for me: saves me having to squint!) but where are all the links etc?
    The darker background for the photos and the text was nice on the old theme, though – one of the few white on black themes I actually like!

    I love the colour on this post. Red really zaps you between the yes, doesn’t it? 🙂

    I have been meaning to ask, do you have an editor/proofreader for you work or do you cope yourself?
    There are also a few questions i would like to ask re: Amazon etc. May I email you?

    1. Hello Ark. Well, the theme change was a bit of an accident. I was fiddling. In the past you could try out a theme without it going live. But now it seems to publish straight off. And I couldn’t find my old theme. So then there was a lot more fiddling about. And panic. And swearing. However, I like the grey, and I like having bigger photos. The links are there but you need to press on the square 3-line icon on the top right of the page and the links part opens out. I’m not sure that hiding them is an advantage but it comes with the theme.

      No, I don’t have an editor/proofreader.

      And please do email me re Amazon or anything. You have my address don’t you?

    1. Thank you, Celestine. I thought it was time for a change. I feel as if I opened the window and let in some space! Now are you working on any of those stories (nag, nag). I want to read them for one thing. No pressure!!!

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