As High As An Elephant’s Eye


And it’s a wise eye. A knowing eye. And it’s a privilege to have been allowed to sit and watch a great herd move by us and around us. So quietly. Measured footfalls. Moving across the Mara thornland. Infants. Adolescents. Mothers. Aunties. The big bulls. All moving as one. To their own rhythm.


Thursday’s Special: Eye contact

27 thoughts on “As High As An Elephant’s Eye

  1. I would have loved to experience this, but I will take this photo instead. It is priceless to me, Tish. I was once given a book written by St Francis de Sales; I don’t remember the title, but he had a great excerpt on the virtues of elephants. You would like it. Thank you for your entry. Much appreciated.

  2. How wonderful. And how sad that today I heard the news that In seven years between 2007 and 2014, numbers plummeted by at least 30%, or 144,000 elephants. Will this destruction of our wild creatures ever end?

    1. I gather that in Kenya, for instance, the killing is conducted by people in very high places. It is sickening, but wouldn’t happen if there weren’t a market.

      1. As usual though it is the middle-men who make all the money. The way these animals are slaughtered sickens me. There needs to be HUGE fines and jail sentences for anyone handling ivory. I can see them disappearing in my life time and Africa won’t be the same without them wandering freely.

  3. I’ve come here today to try to leave a comment again. I replied to you on my blog yesterday letting you know that my comment is in your spam box. Let’s see how this one goes…..

    1. Hello Paula. Yes, your comments were in spam, and a few other people’s comments too. Hopefully they are restored. Thank you for all your thoughtful responses.

  4. It would be wonderful to see elephants in the wild and without the pangs of guilt one feels when viewing these majestic creatures in enclosures.

  5. You are blessed to have been in the presence of such great creatures. Magnificent capture. My partner (The Captain) photographed wildlife for two years in Tanzania and we have his elephant pictures on the walls or our boat. I have never seen an elephant in person but I will someday.

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