Sky Views Over Townsend Meadow

lens P1050990

I do miss the ever changing sky-show over the field behind our Wenlock cottage, the weather and cloud effects heightened by a false horizon created by the crest of Wenlock Edge and the way the ground there falls steeply through some thousand feet of hanging woods to farmland and the North Shropshire plain.

I think our elevated viewpoint of the lowland’s rising clouds might explain an unusual ‘rainbow’ phenomenon witnessed one fine, dry June evening after the sun had dropped behind the Edge. Here it is (it was rather more vivid in real life)…


At the time I thought it was a fire rainbow, but I’m not sure it was. They apparently occur in fluffy cirrus clouds at around 20,000 feet when the sun shines at a particular angle through ice crystals. Anyway, I’m assuming the reason for the effect seen in the photo is something similar – to do with rising cold air above Wenlock Edge, some icy vapour caught by the sun shining up from below. Further info welcome from any atmospheric scientists out there.


lens 1

Another early evening sky in June


lens P1040221

February sunset and shower from the office window



Winter at the Sytche Lane rookery



Late summer storm brewing


lens 2

A rare dawn shot


lens ed

And a soothing cloud view to finish – because it’s definitely good for our well-being to gaze at clouds. It helps to broaden our visual and mental perspective. I learned this last week while listening to an interview about mindfulness and anxiety with Harvard Medical School professor and psychotherapist, Dr. Ron Siegel. He has some recorded guided meditations HERE for anyone who needs a bit of extra soothing.

Lens-Artists: Skyscapes or cloudscapes  This week Amy sets the theme with some stunning examples.

42 thoughts on “Sky Views Over Townsend Meadow

  1. The one thing I would definitely miss if we move from this house is the big sky and the stars at night. Not to mention clouds and sunsets.

    1. Big skies are very embracing. And one definitely feels a sense of expansion in mind and spirit when one does a lot of gazing. V. valuable resource, methinks.

  2. Fabulous cloudscape selections, Tish! The header is stunning. Love how you captured the cloudscapes of dawn, sunset, storm. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hello, Ark. Have been thinking about you so trust all is well. We’re more camping out than settling. Hoping to get a house bought before too much longer, though all in limbo at present. Also the thought of packing up even the ‘camping out’ arrangements is a bit daunting. It’s a year since we put our Wenlock house on the market. In the meantime, exploring the Broseley jitties has been providing both exercise and diversion.

      1. Glad to hear you are both okay.
        Nothing wrong with a bit of exercise. Not much of a coach potato myself.

        With all the uncertainty surrounding our economy and the constant load shedding which is wreaking havoc in some quarters, we are experiencing that stuck-in- limbo feeling in a big way.
        Renovation plans have been all put in hold and with our son and his girlfriend planning on going over to Portugal next year for a ‘look see’ we are giving this some thought as well. But we ain’t no Spring Chickens and a major upheaval is quite a daunting prospect.
        We will see what happens….
        Watch this space as they say

      2. The world has been turned upside down and inside out, and upheaval looks to be the name of the game here on in. But I can well see that the prospect of moving country is particularly daunting, though you’re quite a bit younger than we are, so I’m sure you could tackle it. Looking for a place where you can breathe and feel more in charge of life (however illusory) and feel at ease in a community seems like a good notion to me.

  3. These are all lovely but the first two are my favourites. You definitely have an eye for a cloud, Tish. Still looking for the new home, or content to stay put a while?

    1. Ha! Eye for clouds, or head in clouds – it’s hard to tell 🙂 🙂

      Hoping to buy a house, though activities in statis at present. The whole process seems designed for maximum stress-making. But then you’ve been there, done that. In the meantime – more jittying and tending the bucket garden.

  4. Big sky with lots of personalities! Loved them all, and the rainbow phenomena was fantastic. A straight up rainbow. Wow. Thank you for the link to Dr. Siegel’s meditations. We can all use a few minutes to stop us. Very nice Tish.

  5. What wonderful skies – I can see why you would miss these views! I love the drama of the first one and the calm of the last 🙂 The rainbow effect is fascinating and I like how you’ve used a low viewpoint in several of them to create silhouettes of the plants.

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