The Best Of All Seasons 2022

IMG_9280 - Copy

New Year on Newborough Beach, Anglesey –  mainland Wales in the mist


We began and ended 2022 on the island of Anglesey in North Wales. In between there were meanderings to favourite spots in Shropshire and around and about the town of Much Wenlock.So here we have a random selection of a year’s happy moments and things that caught my eye.


January walk on Wenlock Edge – looking down on Much Wenlock



On the Cutlins in February

And finding aconites: first signs of spring




The Linden Walk in early March

And alder catkins in the Linden Field




April over the garden fence

Oil Seed Rape in full flourish in the Corve Valley




May on the Linden Walk

And on Windmill Hill




June on Wenlock’s old railway line

And on the Stiperstones viewing the Devil’s Chair from a respectful distance




June in the garden

And on the Bull Ring, Much Wenlock




July in the garden

And in the Shropshire Hills at Mitchell’s Fold




August over the garden fence

And with the Cutlins MacMoos during the two-day heatwave



And after the wheat harvest on Callaughton Ash



September: harvesting the field beans in Townsend Meadow

Gathering storm clouds, but no rain




Early October and back to Wales: Barmouth Beach

And October’s end in Ludlow




November: windfall quinces at the allotment

And a sundowner stroll on Windmill Hill




December over the garden fence

And on hoar-frosty Downs Hill




And so back to the beach, Lligwy, Anglesey, January 2023


Lens-Artists: Favourite 2022 images John at Journeys with Johnbo sets the theme for this week.

39 thoughts on “The Best Of All Seasons 2022

  1. Not a bad year overall? Love the aconites, the over the fence blossom and Ludlow Castle and that lovely misty Header. Not too far to wander, Tish. Just far enough?

    1. Hello, Jo. You’ve reminded my that I’ve forgotten to post some Ashes Hollow photos taken after Christmas. I seem to remember you and Mick passed that way on one of your Shropshire walks. All the best with your upcoming wanderings, and hoping your weather has improved from the last time we ‘talked’. Guess what, we’ve had lots more pouring rain today. We’ll float away soon.

      1. No plans yet for the garden, apart from tidying when the rain finally stops, which if recent weather patterns are anything to go by, probably won’t be until March! And then it will be all systems go.

  2. I love the way you’ve taken us through the year with these shots, reminding us of all we have to look forward to in the spring and summer in particular. I think my favourite is the Ludlow Castle shot – you found the perfect position for it!

    1. Thanks, Sarah, and especially for picking up my notion of reminding myself and others of all the good things to look forward to in the coming year. We surely do need to focus on all the things that truly nourish us and make us happy 🙂

  3. A beautiful gallery of your year in photography, Tish. Those rural shots, especially the one with the farm equipment, remind me of my home in North Dakota in the summertime.

  4. Wonderful photos. That’s a stunning opener. Seeing them all together I realize that I’m fascinated by the light that you’ve captured. It’s so specifically of the high temperate latitude.

    1. Thank you for that v.perceptive comment. I’m fascinated by light, and at the moment you have to look quite hard to find it 🙂 Lots of rain and low cloud in the UK today.

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