Laid Out At The Allotment: Flat-Pack Cat


There are two long-abandoned plots next to mine at the Wenlock allotments. On recent late-day visits to my polytunnel, the sun still hot, I’ve found this allotment cat (one of several feral felines who haunt the place) stretched out between two dismantled shed panels. The pose says it all: absolute bliss.




Here’s its sibling. Both cats seem to make a living on the allotment. In fact I think they were born here and don’t seem to belong to anyone. I dare say there are plenty of rodents to hunt. And now I think about it, there are certainly fewer birds foraging on the plots. In the winter, one or other sleeps in my polytunnel.



And here’s another regular prowler, doing a good little leopard imitation:



18 thoughts on “Laid Out At The Allotment: Flat-Pack Cat

  1. We all said, “Aaah”.
    Ems wondered if the ‘Leopard’ might be pregnant?
    Maybe local authorities should be alerted in case they aren’t spade/ neutered?
    Otherwise you may end up with a feral colony!

    1. Not sure our Local Authority could rise to responding to this particular situation. But, yes, watching brief required. There is certainly a charity that does neutering. Then there’s the problem of ownership. E.g. I’m not sure that the tabby isn’t simply a visitor from over the fence.

      1. Our cat, Number Seven( his actual name) looks similar to your first cat, was a stray/feral that pitched up at our spot for several months, parked off on one of the garden walls, watched the other cats and the coming and goings but would not allow us to approach – at all.
        Eventually he began taking a little food we left out.
        Long story short… We ‘adopted’ him, ( or he adopted us – it was a point of discussion) took him to our vet ( who neutered him for free and gratis) and now,after four years, he is head honcho among our feline fam.

      2. That’s the thing about cats, though, isn’t it. They decide on where they’re staying. Sometimes you finds the cat you thought was wholly yours, also has another life in a neighbour’s house.

    1. Oh, those cleavers! But as to feline assistance for their removal, you can just imagine this sybarite pusscat’s response. Heavy lounging far more important.

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