Light And Shadow Over The Garden Fence


Late summer and corn cockle seed heads against a Wenlock Edge sunset.


P1070087 re

Townsend Meadow behind the house; the fence surrounding the attenuation pond that protects the town from flash floods. And also our local carrion crow couple being nicely scenic.



The upstairs garden seat in winter; the ash log sun dial, and the last of the crab apples.



Autumn dawn, the guerrilla garden in shadow: Michaelmas daisies and helianthus. Townsend Meadow after the barley harvest, but still golden in the early morning sunshine.



An early summer monochrome foxgloves and purple toadflax in the guerrilla garden.



And an almost-monochrome. Shadow play on a dust sheet hug out to dry on the washing line.


Lens-Artists: Light & ShadowΒ  Patti has set the theme this week. Please pay her a visit. She has some stunning photos to show us.

31 thoughts on “Light And Shadow Over The Garden Fence

  1. How I love these, Tish! Love the bench and the crab apples in the light – brilliant. The colours in the meadow after the barley harvest – wow – makes me almost long for autumn already. That light! The shadow play in the last one is very beautiful. A wonderful post.

  2. What a bouquet! How about that golden field in the autumn photo, the nice arc and how warm the color. And the winter garden seat beside the ash log and sun dial! Thanks for sharing peep-holes into your paradise with us Tish.

    1. Thanks, Janet. I’m not often up at dawn, but the odd occasion I am, it’s often to find the world doing
      something astonishing. (note to self: get up earlier).

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous collection, Tish! Just lovely. I love that golden light and your silhouettes. Your love of this place shines through.

  4. I love all those silhouettes against your beautiful skies but my favourite shot is the autumn dawn one – such lovely lighting and those Michaelmas daisies really glow πŸ™‚

    1. Many thanks, Sarah. I’ve also been admiring all your marvellous window/door vistas. I tried to comment, but the box seemed not to be ‘live’.

  5. All lovely examples, but the one that is the most outstanding to me is the last one – I love the way the light plays on that dust sheet.

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