Who Is That Hooded Man?


Yesterday you saw Mitchell’s Fold stone circle in winter light – an ethereal gloaming. This photo is the late spring version. Well, almost. We set off there in warm weather, but by the time we arrived, a weirdly luminous gloom had descended and there was a perishing wind. I was struggling to make the best of the flat light that made the standing stones look dull. I was also trying to show more of the circle which proved difficult with many of the stones fallen flat. I didn’t even notice this chap arrive, but suddenly there he was striding through my shot. And when I looked again, he was gone. It’s at times like that you start thinking a grasp of quantum physics might help.

The other thing you can see between the stones of this four-thousand-year-old circle are signs of Mediaeval ridge and furrow ploughing. A surprising discovery on this exposed upland, but then there is plenty of evidence that Britain’s climate was much warmer back then, i.e. before the descent into the ‘Little Ice Age’ of the seventeenth-eighteenth centuries.  The way things change.  And so much we don’t know.



The Square Odds #4

20 thoughts on “Who Is That Hooded Man?

  1. I’m a sucker for those mustard yellow/green colors in the tufts of grass there. That’s quintessential Britain in my imagination, tough as a scouring pad.

  2. a perishing wind and a phantom passerby – wonderful post Tish with its history and that little aside about quantum physics which made me laugh out loud – have a good weekend despite the rain and some more perishing weather!

    1. And your laughing made me laugh too, Laura. Lots of perishing wind here in Shropshire and more rain to come. But we’ll weather the storm, me dearie. Happy weekend back to you.

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