Steaming Past ~ The Engine Driver


Once we Shropshire folk had a very scenic Great Western Railway line that ran along the banks of the River Severn, including passing along the wooded slopes of the Ironbridge Gorge, now a World Heritage site. Just north of Ironbridge there was a branch line to Much Wenlock and South Wales far beyond. Much of the Severn Valley line has gone now, and that also goes for our Much Wenlock branch that once served the limestone quarries and livestock farmers. Mostly all that remains are stretches of track bed that have been overhauled to create walking and cycling routes. But we do still have a working section – the Severn Valley Railway, which is run as a heritage attraction from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster in Worcester where you can also connect with the mainline system. As their strap line claims ‘it’s a great day out.’ And for someone who still remembers travelling in steam trains as a matter of course (visions of Crewe Station where family outings to North Wales began) I still have pangs of nostalgia whenever I’m around a steam locomotive stoking up.

Past Squares #16

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: things to drive

18 thoughts on “Steaming Past ~ The Engine Driver

  1. Some tracks here have been converted too ..I love the sound of a steam train moving through the area of N. Ala. USA….One has to wonder how much longer they will be around.

  2. We really could do with some of these routes back – though I have to concede that make excellent walking tracks too. I’ll leave the steam train journeys to you. A bit smutty and dirty and smelly fo me!

  3. Very nice. I too remember the steam trains going to Brittany to visit my gradfather… Early sixties. If you put your head out the window you could get a peck of coal in your eye or face. Or maybe that was a legend my parents used so we kids would not stick our heads outside…

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