‘Large As Life’ ~ More ‘Vintage’ Africa Scenes

elephants  sepia

Maasai Mara


For this week’s Black & White Photo Challenge, Cee asks for things on the large side, which at once had me thinking of big animals; big skies; big landscapes: Africa. And this further prompted the thought of trying a sepia-vintage look with photos from the Farrells’ aging Africa album. To my eye the results look rather like plates from some 1930s book club imprint of travellers’ tales.

Lewa Downs white rhino sepia

Lewa Downs, Northern Kenya: white rhino


Lewa Grevys Zebra and Mount Kenya sepia

Lewa Downs: Grevy’s zebra with Mount Kenya backdrop


Kilimanjaro from Mombasa Highway sepia

Kilimanjaro revealed one morning on the Mombasa Highway at Kibwezi


Scan-140726-0005 (8)se

Maasai Mara Marsh Pride



Olololo Plateau and Thomson’s Gazelle


desert date mulului tree 001sepia

Desert Date tree Maasai Mara


Athi Plains giraffes sepia

Athi Plains Giraffe


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Large subjects

32 thoughts on “‘Large As Life’ ~ More ‘Vintage’ Africa Scenes

    1. I love that you’re finding old Africa pix in Paris as I’ve been going through mine in Shropshire. It seems like a virtuous thread in a world growing more grim by the day.

  1. Do you dream about Africa? I dream about Israel, often in better Hebrew than I ever spoke. I suppose the language is “in there somewhere,” but it never managed to work it’s way out through my lips. But I dream of places I traveled that are not there anymore, or at least, aren’t anything like they were when I lived there. I don’t even WANT to know what it’s like now.

    1. Yes, I do dream we’re back there, though Nairobi is always quite changed; likewise the place where we lived, so it usually ends up being an anxiety dream rather than a ‘wish I was there’ dream. Bizarre the scenarios the sleeping mind comes up with.

  2. Exceptional photos Trish – thank you so much for sharing and please keep them coming. I absolutely love the rhino (I do have a soft spot for these beautiful creatures).
    You may find my new blog of interest, I am a former safari guide and now sharing my adventures and stories from across the continent. I hope you will enjoy my stories.

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