The White Gallery


This month Jude at Travel Words asks us to find beauty in shades of white and silver.

Here are a few recent finds in and around the garden.









Flowers from the top: columbine, allium, foxglove, valerian, pyracantha, pulmonaria leaves, lamb’s ears and finally, a most welcome interloper to the guerrilla garden, among the valerian, hesperis and red campion some white campion; who knows how she got there.

Life in Colour: White/Silver

28 thoughts on “The White Gallery

  1. A dazzlingly lovely gallery – I have always had a very soft spot for rabbits ears – and they’re beautifully silvery / white, especially after rain. Mine are sporting some very loud pink flowers just now, too! 🙂

  2. Fabulous gallery Tish, great photo of the dandelion clock which are always difficult to get sharp I find and I love your silvery raindrops on the lamb’s/ rabbit’s ears. I haven’t tried growing it as I think my garden is too wet, but I do like the texture. Maybe I’ll give it a go in my newly created gravel area.

      1. I might try some then in the other half that has yet to be done. Hopefully the gravel mulch will help and the soil in this part of the garden is quite stony.

    1. I’m hoping the white one will replicate as well as the red ones do, though she does have far fewer flowers per stem so perhaps less seed-power. We’ll see.

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