Clouds With Silver Linings?


I have to say that on the presentation front the cloud gods have truly upped their game this year. Even in the stormy wet and frigid months that were supposed to be spring, but weren’t, we were treated to some magnificent cloudscapes. And lately too, during our present hot spell, we’ve had some stunningly captivating creations. There’s much to be said for cloud watching. In fact I think this huge job spotted over the barley field the other afternoon could well be the Starship Enterprise in disguise.


Life in Colour: White/Silver

20 thoughts on “Clouds With Silver Linings?

  1. Well we have been living in a cloud for three days this week which is not quite as captivating followed by cloudless skies, but I know what you mean. Clouds can be amazing and often add atmosphere to a picture. And white ones are definitely the best ⛅ ☁️🌤️

    1. I agree about the white ones. We had amazing ones in the winter. They looked like Arctic landscapes whipped up into the sky, and very much resembling meringues. Happier to have warm-weather cloud formations though.

  2. Other worlds indeed, up above. Changes your whole aspect when you can see beauty in them. Beats the hell out a canvas of pure grey too, obviously…

  3. hahaha / the starship in disguise indeed!
    and thanks for the reminder to look up- for the beauty and for our physical health (opens true energy flow of the throat area every time we look up)

  4. It really might be a starship. 🙂 On a neighborhood app recently someone was concerned about the con trails in the sky and the ensuing discussion was both hilarious and frightening.

  5. We also got some great cloudscapes yesterday. The weird weather we are having seems to be mixing up the air to make some truly stunning clouds. I’ll have to get these pictures ready today. It’s raining again — we need it I know, but it keeps just showing up even though no rain is predicted — so it’s a good day to process. And a lot of these don’t even need processing. They are fine right out of the camera.

    1. It’s great when shots come out ‘oven ready’ – sky ones often do. I think you’ve put your finger on something with the mixed up air. As for the actual weather, we’ve been having a pretty warm and dry spell, but this afternoon that edgy chill wind of March and April just came blowing back in. Most weird.

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