Last Chance For Purple


For this final week of ‘purple posts’ Jude at Travel Words asks for edible subjects. She didn’t specify whose food though, or at what stage they might be edible. A broad interpretation to follow then, including shots from the allotment yesterday: polytunnel chives, comfrey and field bean flowers.





And from last year on the plot: inside a globe artichoke, potato flowers and a sweet pea, none of which are edible, but sound as if they might be.




Life in Colour: Purple

26 thoughts on “Last Chance For Purple

      1. Good to know that it finally arrived, Tish. I should have brought a bit to Illinois with me because it’s been a bit chilly–down to 39F last night although it made it to almost 70F. 🙂

  1. True, I didn’t specify what type of edibles and the butterfly shot is lovely. Only seen one or two whites so far and an orange tip. Your purple wrap-up is very nice and the sweet pea my favourite colours. My sweet peas are looking a little miserly, I hope they buck their ideas up!

    1. My sweet peas are just beginning to rally a bit. So many things are very behind, aren’t they. And other things roaring ahead. Keeping us gardeners on our toes!

      1. We have just spent a week in Somerset (Wells area) and I was astonished at how far ahead their gardens are – roses in full bloom, alliums and irises everywhere, wisteria and sweet peas! I felt like I’d dropped into the middle of summer!

  2. The butterfly is so beautiful, all butterflies are, aren’t they? There is so much symmetry in the designs and the colours vary. I never tire of watching them. The flowers are beautiful too.

  3. I am so taken by this series, Tish! The capture of the butterfly is incredible … I can see all the texture of the scales and the furriness of its body!

    The flowers are stunning, particularly the one before the globe artichoke … it looks so enticing!

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