This is not an osprey…


…it’s a reed bunting, but it’s the only good bird photo I managed to take when we visited the marvellous Dyfy Osprey Centre  a summer or so ago. The osprey nest was too far away for my little zoom lens to cope with and the light was poor.



But the good news is the ospreys are back to breed in the Dyfy estuary, and an egg is expected any day now. Since last year the project has upped its game on the live streaming and camera quality. You can tune in here and check on progress:

Dyfi Osprey Project: 2021 Live Stream – YouTube

Bright Square #11

20 thoughts on “This is not an osprey…

  1. I had the same problems when I visited a few years ago. But it’s great that they’ve taken to the spot. The only other place I’ve seen an Osprey is on a reservoir on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.

    1. The observation tower is brilliant, isn’t it. What a setting. They’ve apparently introduced some beavers this year to manage the wetland. There was a rather reclusive water buffalo doing the job when we were there.

  2. Something to brighten up our day. I have only ever seen one nest (courtesy of a bird watcher and his very powerful camera) in Scotland. Though we did catch a glimpse of an osprey flying back to the nest. There is something so majestic and powerful about these birds of prey that make me awestruck.

  3. Yes, I wouldn’t get them confused even though I’ve only seen a live osprey once at the Preserve. I was fortunate, though, as it sat on a nearby branch for quite some time while people took lots of photos. Of course, one “real” birder complained that it was just sitting and bragged that he’d gotten photos of osprey in flight, but since I’m only a dabbler in birds, I didn’t care. I was just chuffed to not only have seen one but gotten some good photos. 🙂


  4. I’m glad you’ve got them back. I guess they are an international bird since we also have a lot of them along our coastline, especially in the Cape Cod region. It isn’t easy to spot the Osprey, but their nests are hard to miss.

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