42 thoughts on “In The Pink ~ Bright Days Ahead

      1. Yes, when the citrus trees are blossoming, it scent is amazing, almost like jasmine to me. There are still some that haven’t moved on to the next stage yet so still delicious scents in some spots.

  1. These are so beautiful. I’m looking forward to it. I was squinting at a fending-for-itself apple tree along one of my regular walks, looking for signs of buds or leaves but it was too far off to make out anything that might be happening.

  2. Apple blossom is so lovely. I was looking for some cherry blossom the other day (the only one in this hamlet) and realised that the tree has been cut down! So sad as it was a beauty,

    1. Round and round we go. The turning seasons. I’ve lumped 20 bags of manure today, and it was perishing at the allotment. More like winter. But the damson blossom is trying to bloom. And we can imagine the apple blossom happening from our opposite ends of the planet. With Led Zep soundtrack of course.

      1. Well …. even though the mornings have that crisp, autumnal feel about them it was 27 today!
        We’re busy clearing the front of the property before raising the front wall and it was hard going in this heat.
        I even had to take a few steps back from the edge as I was getting bits of flying dirt in my ice cold beer!

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