High-Wire Choir


I was on my way home from the allotment (Wednesday’s summer’s evening before the big chill reverse) when I spotted the starlings. These once common garden birds are a rare sight nowadays, and this is a newish colony that seems to have established itself at the north end of the town.  I know for a fact that they go every day to a chum’s garden for their elevenses and try to eat all the bird food she puts out. Later in the day I see them around the gardens that border the field path to the allotment. On Wednesday they had gathered on the power lines and were singing away, darting from wire to wire, for all the world like moving musical notes. They made me laugh. Next time if they repeat the performance, I’ll try to film them. For now a couple more bright-spark shots of them.



Bright Squares #2

23 thoughts on “High-Wire Choir

  1. oh you are so right they do look like musical notes – aren’t they clever birds.

    We have a foursome who visit at the end of each day to have a bath, the water goes everywhere so usually a few minutes after or first thing the following morning I am having to top the bird bath up again. They have me so well trained!

  2. Yesterday there was a big swarm of them, swirling to and fro in the air. They do fly like bee swarms. Beautiful birds, I wish people would stop eating them as I hear they still do in Europo somewhere.

    1. Starling murmurations are a sight to behold. I remember seeing them flock like that over the seafront in Brighton, setting sun and the burned out skeleton of the old Victorian West Pier as a backdrop. A touch of Edgar Allan Poe. But beautiful too.

    1. Yes, that is puzzling. Also different species seem to choose the same segments of wire. On other days I’ve seen pigeons in the starling spot. Must be a good view of something or other.

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