Wenlock Weather Update


Today we have blue skies and brilliant sunshine and last night’s snow has been rapidly melting. But the big question is: will enough of it melt before it starts freezing again, turning byways into ice rinks.


This morning, though, it was all very picturesque over the garden fence and about the town. The MacMoos were my first port of call for a photo-op. There were only two in the Cutlins meadow today. They do come and go. And what imperturbable souls they are, seemingly un-moo-ved by their snowy world so long as there’s plenty of hay.





Square Up #25

32 thoughts on “Wenlock Weather Update

    1. They do look fabulous in the snow though – and yes not melted here quick enough the slush is now ice and black ice in places. We’re being even more cautious that we were – but the blue skies are lovely and it does look pretty 😀

      1. My thermal tights were a life saver when we were without heating just before Christmas. Like putting on leggings but more flexible 😏 And MrB won’t go anywhere in winter months without his thermals!

      2. Do! I have some wonderful silk leggings that I had for skiing quarter of a century ago that I use when going out on cold days….still just clinging on as they aren’t used often, But time I found some replacements

  1. I think our new dogs would go bonkers in all that snow! And Boxers are bonkers enough with normal weather!
    The Mac Moos are a delight!

    1. Happy to deliver the latest moo doings. A picture book. Hm. It’s worth a thought or several. As to ice, It’s -5C this evening, and sleet tomorrow. Just as well we aren’t allowed to go anywhere 🤔

  2. The MacMoos are dressed for the cold. No snow here, of course, but we did get rain and more rain which is absolutely delightful. That’s probably about 1/2′ here but we love it. 🙂 It felt a lot like a spring day in the Chicago area: chilly, very windy, cloudy, and rainy. Loved it.


  3. I’m totally in love with your shaggy cows. I want a miniature because I don’t think a full-size one could get through the doggy door. You have more snow than we do here! They keep promising snow, but it keeps going out to sea before it reaches us. Quite literally, everywhere else from northern California to Maine has snow — a lot of snow — except us. I envy you the shaggy cows, but you can keep the snow. I don’t like climate change, but these warmer winters are a blessing.

    1. The cows certainly give us lots of amusement. Interesting that your area has missed out on what sounds a fairly comprehensive snow dump. The weather is all over the place.

  4. I love the shaggy coos! The snow looks so pretty there 🙂 It even managed to look pretty for a few hours in West London on Sunday before it half melted and then turned to ice. I can’t wait for spring!

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