Iced Up


Yesterday we woke to an all-over frosting, every outdoor surface bristling with ice crystals. This led (once well wrapped up) to a long prowl around the Farrell estate to see what caught the eye. I was rather taken with the Echinops seed head over the garden fence. It made me think of ice lollies, or sherbet on a stick. The fence looked pretty enticing too, and behind it the dead-flower spikes of lemon balm.




Square Up #8

44 thoughts on “Iced Up

  1. Ah, my daily winter fix. Thanks! I was just scrolling through photo files last night, enjoying all those snowy, frosty shots. May have to have a week or two of retrospective/wish-for-some posts. πŸ™‚


  2. Just beautiful. Were you tempted to lick those ice lollies??? I’m so glad I experienced a northern winter while I could – although I got some pretty nice icy shots at a little school at Bibbenluke, NSW when I was still working, and some more passing through Braidwood NSW. Even at my daughter’s place in, of all places, Queensland. However yours are spectacular and I’m very grateful that you provide me with vicarious pleasures.

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