Clamour Of Rooks On Sytche Lane


Or it could be a parliament, a building, a storytelling of rooks.

The people who lived in our house before us called it Rookery Cottage. We didn’t adopt the name. The house actually sits beside the main road out of Wenlock and the rookery is behind us on Sytche Lane,  with a stretch of Townsend Meadow in between. Even so, we do hear its clamour, especially on spring and summer evenings. And we do have ring-side viewing of the whisking-whooshing corvid ballets that feature over the field in the twilight hours of early autumn. These aerial displays are a sight to behold, and are among the Farrells’ household treasures.



Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Birds

Six Word Saturday

34 thoughts on “Clamour Of Rooks On Sytche Lane

      1. Ho-ho! Actually v. fitting come to think of it. I do a lot of sneezing – due to lack of housework probably 🙂

        How are things at your end of the planet. Here is raining AGAIN!

      2. Throwing it down all evening and most of the morning. Does wonders for the garden which shifts into top gear and grows and greens as if on steroids!
        Bit noisy – one of the neighbours has a large machine drilling for a borehole. And now that I listen from the from door it seems to have quietened down, thank goodness.

        Otherwise, ticking along fairly sedately – no ‘fireworks’ which is how we like it at this time of year.

      3. Still raining here too. How can it be doing that both here and there, and in such quantities. There is, however, much to be said for a sedate ticking over, though could do without the rampant dampness.

  1. I love the interesting names from groups of things! I imagine this gets a bit noisy if it’s nearby but I enjoyed them from here. 🙂 The group flights must be quite something to behold.


    1. The fly-bys are often v. spectacular, several cohorts wheeling up, others whizzing fast at low level. Then everyone disappears into the rookery only to come charging out again and flying off across the town.

    1. We have a crow family whose territory seems to be the field behind us, the Linden field and Windmill Hill. Unless they have offspring, they go around as a twosome, and you rarely see one without then spotting the other somewhere in the vicinity. I’ve not seen any competing crows, so I often wonder where each year’s young crow goes off to once reared. Maybe to Cornwall 😉

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